Returns the attributes of, and optionally plots, an image.

# S3 method for rimg
summary(object, plot = FALSE, axes = TRUE, col = NULL,



(required) an image of class rimg, or list thereof.


logical; plot the image and, if the image is color-classified, the colours corresponding to colour class categories side-by-side? Defaults to FALSE.


should axes be drawn when plot = TRUE? (defaults to TRUE).


optional vector of colours when plotting colour-classified images with plot = TRUE. Defaults to the mean RGB values of the k-means centres (i.e. the 'original' colours).


additional graphical options when plot = TRUE. Also see par().


Either the RGB values of the k-means centres from the colour-classified image, or a plot of both the image and specified colours (when plot = TRUE).


if (FALSE) { papilio <- getimg(system.file("testdata/images/papilio.png", package = "pavo")) papilio_class <- classify(papilio, kcols = 4) summary(papilio_class) # Plot the colour-classified image alongside the colour class palette summary(papilio_class, plot = TRUE) # Multiple images snakes <- getimg(system.file("testdata/images/snakes", package = "pavo")) snakes_class <- classify(snakes, kcols = 3) summary(snakes_class, plot = TRUE) }