Plots reflectance spectra in different arrangements.

# S3 method for rspec
plot(x, select = NULL, type = c("overlay", "stack",
  "heatmap"), varying = NULL, n = 100, labels.stack = NULL, ...)



(required) a data frame, possibly an object of class rspec, with a column with wavelength data, named 'wl', and the remaining column containing spectra to plot.


specification of which spectra to plot. Can be a numeric vector or factor (e.g., sex=='male')


what type of plot should be drawn. Possibilities are:

  • overlay (default) for plotting multiple spectra in a single panel with a common y-axis.

  • stack for plotting multiple spectra in a vertical arrangement.

  • heatmap for plotting reflectance values by wavelength and a third variable (varying).


a numeric vector giving values for y-axis in type = heatmap.


number of bins with which to interpolate colors and varying for the heatplot.


a vector of labels for the stacked spectra when using type = stack. Defaults to the numeric column ID's.


additional arguments passed to plot (or image for "heatmap").

See also


data(teal) plot(teal, type = "overlay")
plot(teal, type = "stack")
plot(teal, type = "heatmap")
#> [1] "No varying vector supplied; using arbitrary values"