Calculates coordinates and colorimetric variables that represent reflectance spectra in the color opponent coding model of hymenopteran vision.




(required) quantum catch colour data. Can be either the result from vismodel() or independently calculated data (in the form of a data frame with three columns named 's', 'm', 'l', representing a trichromatic viewer).


A data frame of class colspace consisting of the following columns:

  • s, m, l: the quantum catch data used to calculate the remaining variables.

  • x, y: coordinates for the points in coc space

  • r.vec: the r vector (saturation, distance from the center using a city-block metric).


Backhaus W. (1991). Color opponent coding in the visual system of the honeybee. Vision Research, 31, 1381-1397.


data(flowers) <- vismodel(flowers, visual = "apis", qcatch = "Ei", relative = FALSE, vonkries = TRUE) <- colspace(, space = "coc")