an R package for spectral color analysis by Rafael Maia, Thomas White, Chad Eliason and Pierre-Paul Bitton

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A set of functions and tools for the analysis of color data in a unified framework.

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Citing pavo

The manuscript describing the package has been published and is free to access:

Maia R., Eliason C.M., Bitton P.-P., Doucet S.M. and Shawkey M.D. 2013. pavo: an R Package for the analysis, visualization and organization of spectral data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 4(10):609-613. [doi: 10.1111/2041-210X.12069] (


this is the development page for pavo. The stable release is available from CRAN. Simply use install.packages('pavo') to install.

If you want to install the bleeding edge version of pavo, you can:

  • download files from github and install using $R CMD INSTALL or, from within R:
install.packages(path,type='source', repos=NULL)